The Ultimate Guide to Assessing Your Life with the Wheel of Life Template


Have you ever felt like your life is out of balance? Like some areas are thriving while others are struggling? If so, you’re not alone. Many people feel this way and struggle to find a way to assess their lives and determine what changes they need to make to achieve balance. That’s where the Wheel of Life template comes in.

Introduction to the Wheel of Life Template

The Wheel of Life is a tool used to help individuals visually represent different areas of their life and evaluate how well they are balanced. It consists of several sections or “spokes” that represent different aspects of one’s life such as career, finance, relationships, health, etc. Each spoke is rated on a scale from 1-10, with 1 being poor and 10 being excellent. By assigning a number to each area, individuals can quickly see which areas of their life are thriving and which ones need improvement.

Benefits of Assessing Your Life with the Wheel of Life Template

There are many benefits to using the Wheel of Life template to assess your life. Firstly, it allows you to take an objective look at your life and identify areas that may be neglected or underperforming. Secondly, it helps you prioritize areas that need attention and create goals for improving them. Finally, it provides a visual representation of your progress over time, allowing you to track improvements and celebrate successes.

How to Conduct a Wheel of Life Assessment

To conduct a Wheel of Life assessment, start by drawing a circle and dividing it into sections representing the different areas of your life. Then, assign a score to each section based on how well you think it is currently performing. Be honest with yourself and don’t worry about what anyone else thinks. Once you have assigned scores to all sections, calculate your total score. This will give you an overall picture of how well-balanced your life is at the moment.

Maintaining Balance in All Areas of Your Life

After completing your Wheel of Life assessment, you may notice that some areas scored lower than others. Don’t despair! The purpose of the exercise is not to make you feel bad but rather to provide insight into areas where you can improve. Take some time to reflect on why certain areas scored low and brainstorm ways to improve them. Remember, maintaining Balance in all areas of your life is key to living a happy and fulfilling life.

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